Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mask Reviews 2020

Matt's Reviews of Masks for 2020

Who knew this was going to be a thing for 2020? I hope people end up continuing to wear masks when they are sick even after coronavirus is long gone. Hopefully this is helpful if you are looking for more masks for your collection. I don't have any financial interest in any of these companies.

Tshirt masks

Price: free if you have extra old tshirts to cut up
I liked this video which involved just cutting and no sewing: video. The masks can be very comfortable and flexible for size.

Gap masks

Price: $15 for 3
These are great for everyday wear. They are relatively light for summer time.

Underarmor SportsMask

Price: $30 for 1
My favorite for running - it has good airflow and holds up to sweat well.

Uniqlo Airism Masks (Large for adults and Small for Kids)

Price: $15 for 3
Very soft but some people complain they may be too hot for summer wearing. I only received them in Fall so I haven't tried them in heat much.

Los Angeles Apparel

Price: $30 for 3
I like the straps on these but they were relatively hot for summer time. Easy to hang around your neck when you aren't wearing it.

Joe Biden masks

Price: $20 for 1
Pretty standard mask with a Biden Harris logo.


Price: $25 for 1
Unusual fittings. I think we are keeping these in the car and I haven't worn them much.